Modeling tent tutorial - part 1—This tutorial explains how to create a tent model in Blender 2.8. In part one I briefly talk about Blender setup and do manual modelling of simple geometry that is then refined. Next part will cover cloth simulation and texturing. The final model is available on Sketchfab (for free) here:

Modular/Unique design - Modelling the Wooden Tavern—In this tutorial I break down the process of creating one of my sketchfab scenes. I write about modularity and unique models.

Gothic tracery tutorial part 1 (modelling)—This tutorial explains how to model Gothic tracery and stained glass with Blender 2.8 Beta. Next part will cover texturing this model with Photoshop. Model will be part of the "Gothic Island" asset pack I sell.

Gothic tracery tutorial part 2 (texturing)—This part covers generating AO and Cavity maps in Blender and editing PBR textures in Photoshop (with Quixel Suite plugin). The parts where I draw are timelapsed accompanied by the music that I composed. In the description you can download the texture which is a starting point for the diffuse map.

Coral reef tutorial—This tutorial showcases creation of a coral reef - from basic "blob" shape in 3dsMax through sculpting process in Mudbox (high definition geometry) and texturing in Photoshop (with Quixel Suite plugin). Last stage of the tutorial showcases importing the model into UE4 with all materials.