Steampunk Town<<MAPS>>
Tent Camp of The Airship Fleet<<MAPS>>

Ships and Rocksis an environment AND an asset pack (can be found here) that took roughly 4 months to make. It started as commission - I was asked to design a couple of tents, then a forge, then watchtower... it become more and more ambitious... and then one day.... someone asked me to design airships!

I took out my sketchbook and started drawing them like crazy... Vision become more and more clear. Flying and exploring are amazing - Why not combining all of that into fantasy like encampment among mossy mountains, dense foliage, river in a canyon and airships flying above? Although I made every single mesh (230) and texture (270) I had tremendous help from my brother (again!) who developed blueprint system for the tents! Now I could just put a 'master tent' in the scene, choose preset, color, type and move on (no need to search for assets in the Content Browser)! This project is a result of brainstorm of many people - myself, my commissioners, my family and friends who gave me support and inspired me to make it as good as I could. It might have been the project I spent most time on... and I never started hating it. Which is werid.

The three included airships (which you can see above) are: tier1—small and fast with large boiler on deck, tier2—medium sized airship with a crane and multiple propellers and tier3—the fastest and the largest of them all. You can customize the color of the wings and ballons on each model. Each model has an armor that can be removed and a fully modelled interior.

Gothic Island<<MAPS>>
Wooden Town<<MAPS>>
Ships & Rocks<<MAPS>>
Harbour pack<<MAPS>>