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Harbour pack<<MAPS>>

Harbour Packis the first asset pack I designed for the Unreal Engine 4 users. It can be purchased on the UE 4 marketplace: Its modular wooden assets can be used as parts of wooden buildings, harbour environments, ships, wrackages on the shore... Even when using plenty of assets from my previous projects (namely Aqua) it took so much bloody time! The joy of creating assets was strongly confined by the fact that it was not environment! It were "just" models! I felt more like an "asset provider" or "content creator" (as they like to call them nowadays) instead of an environmental artist.

This pack was updated many times, each time adding new meshes, materials and textures and improving the quality of old assets... After release of assets people claimed they were too expensive! I might have overdone the price after endless back and forth reviews from Epic and fixing "minor" issues...For the first time I was forced to use guideliness and special conventional names for folder structures, assets... Everything had to be so neat, clean and well prepared. Not at all what I was used to. Here are screenshots of some of the assets and below a video showing one of the updates

I am happy with how the project turned out, especially wooden materials with vertex painted layers. In this pack I managed to include entire galleon which will be a part of yet another upcoming pack. I will definitely use similar techniques or even some of the textures for some of my future project: "Ships and Rocks". Is it possible to make modular galleon set? Sounds completly crazy!