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Aquais an underwater environment designed in Unreal Engine 4. The old wrackage of pirate's ship is full of secrets, treasure and items to be discovered. It took me approximately 3 months to create this map and all props, which now I will be able (hopefully) to sell on the marketplace. I managed to reuse some of the assets I created throughout years of map making but the map required me to create dozens of new models and textures...

As usually I created dozens of sketches and drawings which helped me throught the design process. I also published several videos on my youtube channel, among them this tutorial, which is divided into two parts: Cinematic and the tutorial, where I explain how to create a coral reef model and import it into UE 4.

The plan is to convert this project into map for UT 4 so everyone can play it but Epic still hasn't updated their editor so I will have to wait for it to become compatible with the current UE 4 engine. Eventually I created two levels. Firsly I wanted to make the ship positioned horizontally, slightly croocked, on the bottom of a sea. Later on someone asked if I could roll it over and make it upside down (yes, just like the scene from Pirates of the Caribbean) and I really liked the idea! So I ended up remaking the whole thing.

I created the whole pack filled with over 50 modular assets of the ship parts and items connected to the sea. Here is the sketchfab preview of some of the models used (just shapes, no colors though - sorry about that but I encountered some lighting and texturing issues while importing it on the sketchfab).