Steampunk Town<<MAPS>>

Ships and Rocksis a remarkable project that took over a year to finish. I created entire fantasy town with Chinese architecture mixed with Eurpean Gothic and with steampunk. Over 350 meshes were used to create modular system in which one could create hundreds of combinations of buildings with or without steampunk elements. Environment with those assets is for sale on UE 4 marketplace: If you want to create environments in UE4 in this style - check it out!

As I was building the environment I drew inspiration from my visit on Taiwan many years ago. During that trip I visited a "Wood carving village" where I was overwhelmed by the beautifull craftsmanship of wooden sculptures and architectural elements. My environment is a tribute to that journey and the culture of the warm and hospitable Taiwanese people.Thanks to you and your mother for showing me your country, Jue-Shin!

I was told by fellow designer that I should pay more attention to things like sounds, effects, small details, realism. I know that those are important, but not as important as composition, style, consistant theme, colors, lighting and ideas. In this environment I took my time to come up with impossibly shaped structures scattered around the Steaming Town where you can run around in a very nice flow .

Before I started working on this year long project - I took part in the mapping competition together with Ferdinand 'Cityy' List (known Quake mapper) in a video game Diabotical. Our map 'Amberfall' was designed in a Japanese/Steampunk style which and was an inspiration for the asset pack "Steampunk Town"! During that time I uploaded several Sketchfab models in similar theme. Check them out:

Tent Camp of The Airship Fleet<<MAPS>>
Gothic Island<<MAPS>>
Wooden Town<<MAPS>>
Ships & Rocks<<MAPS>>
Harbour pack<<MAPS>>