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Wooden Townis the asset pack for UE 4 with an entire environment: "Wooden Town of Crimson Maple". It includes gothic-theme fantasy buildings that are made with over 220 meshes, 63 materials, 7 blueprints... Well a lot of things! The pack can be found on the unreal marketplace: That must be the fastest I ever worked (maybe it has to do sth with the fact I just graduated) - I managed to finish the map in little over 2 months.

So it started with such idea: Why not remake "Broken" (a map I made for UT4) inside a newer version of the engine? This would be tedious work: cleaning, sorting out names, scaling, texturing... and publishing as "modular wooden town assets" pack on the marketplace.... I even started doing it but apparently... NO!!! "Broken" really lived up to its name as EVERYTHING was pretty much wrong! Scale was too big, textures were missaligned, stretched, with visable seams, UV's were terrible, layout not right, some meshes just ugly.... I had to start from scratch!

So I ditched almost everthing (what was left was just the theme) and started drawing like crazy. Then after a block out was finished I was happy to move onto modeling and more detiled approach... Then I got stuck with one area for a very long time (now when I think of it it was like 3-4 days). Even after making drawings I couldn't figure it out... It turns out that all I had to do was to focus on other area instead and then after finishing that one coming back to the hard part with "new tools" and prooven ideas... This way I was able to set a record: slightly over 2 months to do everything.

Me and my brother (mostly him) figured out a way to make fluorescent mushrooms that dim their light as player approaches (both material wise and actuall light emission) with blueprint system... To my brother it was super easy and intuitive... To me blueprints seem logical and simple but its kind of black box with all its "magic" scripting. Now I am learning new engine... and there is a C# scripting involved. I heard its quite popular nowadays... what was it called? Ah! Unity.

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