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Crystalcaveis a first try to create not only entire models with 3dsMax but also a bunch of textures with new quality. I can't stress out how long and tiresome was the process of developing the map. I've changed design of it too many times. At first I wanted dark, shiny crystals and carved reliefs in the walls but I ended up with strange link: Futuristic environment with rock caves, slippery crystal-like walls and vegetation which I added at the very end of the project - it adds a flavour to it, doesn't it?

I haven't seen the map in action which is probably the saddest thing that can happen to a designer. This is probably due to my absence and disactivity in the Xonotic community lately. It was designed to be a Deathmatch type of gameplay but most of all I was aiming to pleasure players by environment where they could run around the map, without shooting at anyone and still enjoy it (a difficult task by the way - It always ends up with players shooting walls instead.)

I added my own drawings on to the map. Why not combining two things that I like the most? I enjoyed drawing them and this makes the map unique.Imagine a player jumping around the map:"Let me grab the shotgun... wait! What was that on the wall? Is this art? What happens if I shoot at it? (typicall...)