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Distortion is one of my latest Capture The Flag maps. It is designed to meet the needs of many players for a simple fast-paced gameplay. The aim was to create a futuristic environment filled with details and models (teleports, reactors, jumppads, etc). I also wanted the map to be interactive so I added rotating domes and beacons.

This is perhaps the map that required the greatest attention to details, out of all of the maps I have created. There is nothing in it that doesn't compose with the rest of the solids to form a pleasing game experience.

The layout of this level is very simple. Map consists of 2 main areas on each side and the center, where most action takes place. The design is symmetric and balanced (X and Y axis filpped) althought both sides have small differences to improve realism. All areas are conneced with hallways (some of them literally carved in a rock).

There are 6 domes inspired by Hagia Sophia and turned into science fiction structures made of metal and light. In the left screenshot there is a rotating dome (on the right side) as well as small reactor, providing power to entire station. The second screenshot features center of the map with detailed architecture where nothing isolates players from the deadly space. Due to game physics I didn't decide to add low gravity effect.