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Once upon the time there was the Erbium mine... Imagine an old mine being taken over by nature: Ivy, trees, moss and fern, waterfalls... In this place there was a mad scientist who lived there for a few weeks, drawing strange machines and turbines on walls. He fixed the elevator and some of the lights. He had also built a turbine system and carved corridors in the rock... I don't know what happened afterwards. I guess it's up to you what you are going to see and find in this environment. Ah, and btw: mind your step - The environment might be very much alive... Even after all those years.

Erbium has some interactive elements. It's gameplay is mostly vertical with very interesting lines of sights. I was aiming for visual beauty and clear style. This map won the 1st place in the Xonotic Duel Mapping Competion 2015. I started adding details and improving looks of it however every creation must meet a deadline at some point. Even though it could be done better I consider it finished and very satisfactory environment. I hope you will find it interesting too. This might be the last map made in Netradiant. Now I have moved to more advanced engines so be prepared for a change!