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Ships and Rocksis an asset pack for Unreal Engine which can be bought from this website: filled with rocks, foliage, coral reef models, galleons, lifeboats, Chinese Junk and other crucial harbour elements. The pack consists of two maps: Overview map (with models neatly sorted and spread out on the flat surface) and Environment "Chinese Bay" (with small scene - three European galleons anchoring near the beach in Eastern China)

The main idea was: Creating modular galleons. And by modular I mean that I divided each ship into 3 parts: bow, stern and the middle, then I made sure that different bows and sterns fit to the common middle.... Overall I created 9 combinations. What's unexpected to me that people did not take this idea very kindly - they wanted merged ships that could swim. So I started updating the pack and after several months I ended up merging two galleons and rigging them so that they can swim as one piece each (not separated pieces that require an effort to make them swimmable) as well as adding several meshes and improoving old ones. This pack inflated from small to quite large and I am proud of it!

So in the end I updated the pack over 10 times, improoving it and imprroving myself along with it (It has been a crazy journey that teached me a lot). Ships and Rocks pack is an amazing addition to the enviroments I made: Wooden Town, Gothic Island and Harbour Pack and I highly recommend checking it out on the UE 4 website! Below I put the video (from the previous updates - some of this stuff is outdated) where I explain interesting technique of masking the water out of a scene.

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